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Range & Advice


Our gardening and plant offerings are varied and extensive. We change things season to season, month to month, and even week to week!

Check out some key areas of advice we can support you with and more about the range we offer!

Have a specific request? Give us a call on 08 8369 0338 or send us a Facebook message. 


What plant where?
Google doesn’t always get things right, and with so much advice on the web, from interstate to even international commentary, you might find yourself confused and overwhelmed.

We are here to make things simple and enjoyable for your gardening experiences.

Watering issues become one of the most common gardening problems, both for indoor and outdoor plants.

Bring in a photo or talk us through your plant headache if you feel you might have some trouble in this area.

Because sometimes, every drop counts!

Diseases & Issues
Diseased plants or the occasional issue is a normal part of gardening, but sometimes it takes a bit of advice from the experts to know exactly what you're dealing with!
Sometimes there is a simple solution for your plant friends. We have seen a lot of trial and error and know the products that don't do exactly what they say they do.
We stock a range of items to help with these issues, if it's more than finding something already in your home to help!
** Please note: We ask that if you have a diseased plant that you bring in a photo or conceal a leaf or section of the plant in a closed bag to ensure the protection of our plants. **
Seedlings & Herbs
Seedlings can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get your garden started and feel like you’ve accomplished something, too.

We have a huge range of vegetable, flower and herb seedlings that will get you started, at excellent prices that will have you wanting to add more and more!

We will also be able to give you the right advice on what to do to get your babies in, how to care for them and when to harvest your hard work.

Indoor Plants
One of the most booming areas of gardening for the decade, indoor plants are addictive and provide endless possibilities for you to be creative, feel in tune with nature, and decorate your home with some of the best greenery there is!

You’re welcome to be a crazy plant person here, and we’ll do our part and try and keep up with the demand!

We have a huge range of decorative pots for your indoor darlings - cane, plain, patterned and even animal shaped, we have you covered.

(These also make great gifts for a reasonable price.)

Our yearly bare rooted tree delivery has to be one of the biggest days of the year!

We take great care choosing and potting up a variety of trees that will withstand years of seasonal change in your garden.

Trees can be very symbolic to a gardener, so we keep a wide variety for you to choose the best for your lifestyle, yard size and long term garden vision.


More of what we offer:

  • Magnolias

  • Lilacs

  • Potted colour 

  • Full shade plants/part shade plants

  • Full sun plants

  • Annuals/perennials

  • Native plants

  • Groundcovers

  • Roses: standard, bush & climbers

  • Citrus trees & dwarf varieties

  • Fruit trees

  • Deciduous trees

  • Pots: decorative, glazed and terracotta

  • Ponds and water plants

  • Birdbaths

  • Fertilizers, feed and weed sprays 

  • Potting mix, garden soil, compost, mulch

  • Garden tools, gloves & accessories

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